Kamberra Indigenous Cleaning are proud to be the Major sponsor for the Yass Magpies Under 8’s and Under 9’s Minor Rugby League teams that  play in the Canberra Region Rugby League Competition.

This season,  Yass Magpies will be wearing a Munnagai Wagabaliri design jersey  designed by Djudh Bil (Scott Bell) and Diyang Bil (Tyahn Bell).  Munnagai Wagabaliri translates in English to “come let’s play,” this is a friendly invitation to other competitors/teams.

These words are important as it’s the core focus of the game for everyone.

The Maliyan (wedged-tail eagle) is in the centre of the design as it is our and our Ngunnawal peoples’ totem since the beginning of dreamtime. Totems define peoples’ roles, responsibilities and relationships with each other and the creation. Totems are also considered to be the decedents of dreamtime heroes. The Maliyan acts as a messenger between us and our ancestors, this connects us to the dreamtime, which was then, and which is now. We hope the Yass Magpie players aspire the spiritual traits of the Maliyan. In being an effective messenger with teammates and coaches, both on and off the field. Overall, the Yass Magpies will aspire to sore like the Maliyan spiritually in connecting with one another.

We wish all the players, parents, coaches and supporters the very  best  in the upcoming season and were proud to associate with an organisation that recognises the importance of Indigenous awareness.